Black v White- That is the question?

Posted by Deb Daniel on

When it comes to choosing furniture for our homes the options are never ending.

Black and white furniture has really grown in styles and its on trend popularity gaining momentum and is in high demand.

For me, it all depends on the rooms you have and the vision you have for your home.

Light furniture, like our Jasmine White works so well with neutrals to create a light, airy and breezy space where as our black furniture will help you create a more elegant, sophisticated almost mysterious space.

Keep these points in mind when decided which way to go.

Black furniture can shrink a room, so it is a great choice if you have a very large space that you may want to make a little more cosy and inviting. Also make sure you add additional or stronger lighting that features white or light coloured tones.

Also balance dark furniture with white light accessories like floor rugs, cushions and blinds.

White toned furniture can help to create an illusion of more space and make a room appear larger. It is versatile and goes well with most floor and wall colours. It brightens a room and gives you a feeling of cleanliness.

White furniture can be balance with both warm, cool and neutral tones which does make it a popular choice if you are one to change things around at home to suit the different seasons!

Whatever you choose for your home you simply can't go from with our ranges of exquisite furniture ranges. :)

Ask one our friendly, team members today should you require expert help in making your house a home. All part of our service. :)







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