Candle Bowl- Flowers

Candle Bowl- Flowers

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100% Natural soy wax candle bowls that look stunning in any room of your home. 

Each scent is true to it's name, they smell absolutely divine! 

Australian Bush: Go for a walk through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance with notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus.

Wild Lemongrass: Refreshing, clean and just a little bit sweet, this aroma begins with lemongrass essential oil, a swirl of lemon verbena and a bold finish of cedar wood, vanilla and musk.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla: A spirited combination of blackberries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

Japanese Honeysuckle: A sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.


Amalfi Coast: Encapsulating the feel of coastal roads and ocean views, an invigorating blend of wild freesia, fresh lime and lavender.


French pear: Originating in France, the fragrance is rich, juicy and meltingly smooth. An amazing pear fragrance.




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